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AYNI Program

AYNI Program was designed to ensure the sustainability of projects in the medium and long term. The "AYNI Programme" has as target all new owners of residential complexes that promotes VIVA GYM. It consists, in a first step, of a series of workshops that aim to strengthen leadership skills, coexistence, integration and mutual respect for customers "VIVA GYM" after they start living in their new homes, share and manage their new residential complexes. Having achieved this to the new community is encouraged to lay the groundwork and initiate planning what they hope will be their future residential development. Finally, VIVA GyM expects all customers may reach the objectives of the "AYNI Program" is why in a third stage is to strengthen the concepts of it through different incentives according to the needs of each group.

¿Why AYNI?

During the Inca Empire AYNI was a working system of reciprocity between family members of the ayllu, consisted of mutual support that families together and all members of the ayllu were provided. Here was true reciprocity and partnership.


Achieving economic, administrative and social sustainability of housing estates in the short, medium and long term based on concepts of the "AYNI system" such as relationship between neighbors and the principles of coexistence and citizenship.


The residential compounds that meet the qualification set out in its management according to indicators designed for this purpose may make a project for the solution needs identified by the community, which will be funded by VIVA GyM.

Qualificaction of residential compounds

The residential compounds will be evaluated across 4 indicators:

  • Assistance
  • Economic sustainability
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Repeatability of the program


In all residential compounds developed by VIVA GYM is developed the "AYNI Program", with excellent results, this program's main objective is to ensure the economic, administrative and social sustainability of residential compounds in the short, medium and long term.

The AYNI Program develops during the first months of the new residential complex, to ensure the future sustainability, the "AYNI Award" was established as an incentive to ensure the continuity of the initial achievements and reach sustainability in the medium and long term.

For more information on rules and requirements Prize AYNI write to email: gestionsocial_vivagym@gym.com.pe