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Graña y Montero Group, celebrating 80 years of history


In 1993 our founders decided to “bring together their knowledge through the incorporation of a technic company”, setting up the professional path that inspires and identifies us until today.

Our company has grown In proportion to the increase of the Peruvian economy, through the expansion and diversification of our business, turning into the largest group of engineering services in the country. Today, we are a group that is composed of 24 companies that operate in 6 countries in Latin America.

We feel proud for the large infrastructure and services projects that we carry out and for the impact that we have in the quality life of the Peruvian population. Homes, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Mining Plants, Electric Lines, Exploitation and Production of Oil Fields, Technical Solutions, Thousands of Kilometers of Highways and Massive Transport Services, as the Lima Metro Operation, are just some examples; and are the result of the contribution and commitment of the large team of professionals and technicians that are part of Graña y Montero Group.

Based upon our history, we foresee new horizons and face new challenges to consolidate ourselves as the most reliable engineering services provider group in Latin America.

If you would like to know more about the Group, please click the following link, where you will find the book “80 years New Horizons, New Challenges” especially published for our anniversary: view “80 years New Horizons, New Challenges”

Graña y Montero Group, celebrating 80 years of history

Date: June 20, 2013